Local Broadband Provider Ceases Service, NFBA Committed to Assisting Transition

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LAKE CITY, FLA–On Wednesday, August 1, North Florida Broadband Authority (NFBA) was informed one of the authority’s retail providers, Main Street Broadband, would immediately cease service to their 80,000 customers in Georgia and Florida.

In April 2012, Mains Street Broadband partnered with NFBA as a “last mile” provider of high-speed wireless internet service to customers residing in the 15-county NFBA region.  The NFBA network went live in June, providing affordable high-speed service for the first time to area residents, businesses, hospitals and schools.

While the vast majority of Main Street Broadband’s customers reside outside the NFBA’s service footprint, NFBA will assist with the transition of local customers to another provider. Because Main Street Broadband’s equipment is not compatible with other last mile providers on the network, NFBA staff are working to quickly facilitate, if possible, that transition of service.

“We were disappointed by the news,” NFBA Chairman Tommy Langford said of Main Street Broadband’s sudden closing, “however, this is not a reflection on NFBA or our network. It’s unfortunate their business model was not successful in the North Florida market and the other areas they served.  We have no specific knowledge about their financial operations, as they were our customer and that was the extent of our relationship.”

Added NFBA General Manager Richelle Sucara, “NFBA is committed to getting service restored to Main Street customers in our service area and is working to transition all affected customers to new service providers to the extent possible. NFBA is a wholesaler of high-speed broadband and does not provide direct service to the residential community.”

Impacted Main Street Broadband customers should contact Last Mile Wifi, 386-243-4164, www.LastMileWiFi.com, or Suwannee Valley Internet Corporation (SVIC) in the Dixie, Levy and Gilchrist tri-county area, 352-490-5433, www.SVIC.net.

Both organizations have started to increase equipment and capacity to aid in the transition from Main Street Broadband Service.

Main Street Broadband customers within the NFBA service area can also get more information at www.NFBA.net.

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