Miami Artist Conquers Disability, Retrospective Exhibition Opens Sept. 8 at LMNT in Midtown

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MIAMI—For abstract expressionist painter Diego Jacobson, every brushstroke is painful, but that didn’t stop the Miami resident from conquering dystonia, a crippling neurological disorder, to become one of the most celebrated Latino artists of his generation.

ARTNews editor Ann Landi calls Jacobson “a painter who’s eager to move on to something new, to explore every possibility at his disposal…(with) a stream of creative energies that shows no sign of stopping.”

Jacobson’s works have been exhibited around the world, including leading Manhattan galleries and international shows in galleries and museums in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Peru and the Dominican Republic. His works routinely sell for $10,000-50,000 each.

For the first time, Jacobson’s works will be featured in a major retrospective show opening Saturday, September 8 at 7 p.m. at LMNT Arts gallery, 59 NW 36th Street in Miami’s Midtown District. For directions and more information, go to

“Diego’s works have been difficult to categorize, but that’s the intangible quality that make him such an exciting artist,” explained Vincent Harrison, co-founder of NAC Gallery, which is mounting the show at LMNT. “Throughout his life, he has struggled to pursue his art and this passion is evident in the works we’ll be featuring at the exhibition.

Jacobson Artwork

Diego Jacobson
Painter Diego Jacobson was born in Argentina and raised in Puerto Rico and New York. At the age of eight, Diego Jacobson decided to give up drawing. He had dabbled in drawing and a little painting, and concluded he just wasn’t any good. Around this same time, the earliest signs of generalized dystonia began to creep into his body. By the age of 13, he was in a wheelchair and a candidate for invasive brain surgery. Today, Jacobson’s paintings have been shown on multiple continents and have impressed critics around the world.

The cryosurgery he went through at 13 drastically improved his symptoms. “I’m extremely lucky,” he says. “It took care of the dystonia about 90 percent.” He refuses to let the residual symptoms limit him, though some days are better than others. “I’m still affected, still have spasms and have a tremor. I can’t write, but I can type. Sometimes it hurts to paint. It could be a lot worse.”

He didn’t begin painting until he was in his thirties. A decade later, he has amassed a collection of 1,100 works and more than 25 solo exhibits. Drawing largely from the style of abstract expressionism, Jacobson approaches each painting as an exploration. “I like to apply paint in what I can only describe as a random fashion,” he explains, “always keeping a sense of balance on the canvas, and mixing colors in a nice way. Mostly, I like to cooperate with the paint and see what appears.”

After building a clothing manufacturing business, completing a Masters degree in Practical Spirituality at the Peace Theological Seminary & College of Philosophy in California, and traveling the world, Jacobson discovered the artwork of former Beatle Paul McCartney. McCartney’s work moved him and inspired him to put paint to canvas.

Recent Exhibitions
2012   New Art Concepts Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
2012   Seafair at Art Greenwich, Greenwich, CT, United States
2012   Art Palm Beach, Palm Beach, FL, United States
2012   REDDOT Miami, Miami, FL, United States
2011   Seafair at Art Newport, Newport, RI, United States
2011   Small Works”, DLC Fine Arts, Chelsea, New York, United States
2010   “Museography of the Soul”,  DLC Fine Arts, Chelsea, New York, United States
2007   Florence Biennale, Palacio da Basso, Florence, Italy
2007   “Off the Main” Fair, Puck Building, New York, United States
2007   ”In the Light of God”, Joe Hintersteiner Gallery,  New York, United States
2006   “Off the Main” Fair, Puck Building, New York, United States
2006   Arclinea, Boston, Mass, United States
2006   ”Memories of God”, Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2005   Crisolart Galleries, Copenhagen, Denmark
2005   Arte Fama, Almeria, Spain
2005   JMA Gallery, Act Center of Fine Art, Vienna, Austria
2005   Camaver Kunsthaus Gallery, Lecco, Italy
2005   Sala Barna, Barcelona, Spain

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